Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mad Sewing

I have gone slightly mad sewing recently. My old machine broke just before Christmas which weirdly made me want to sew even more.... So when I got it back I went a bit mad....

This was what I made for my kids for Christmas. I copied the pattern from a friend who made one for her kids the year before. However when I bought the fabric with a considerable hangover I didn't buy enough fabric. I had to make a feature of the top, which I think looks OK. Cost me a tenner in fabric so didn't mind too much! Anyway the kids love it and you can put it away at the end of the day which is always a bonus in my book.

I also made the bag which I am using to put all the things I have made ready for the shop. Probably will become a toy bag eventually. I made up the pattern for this and its really thick with a lining and felt to give it a bit more strength.

When I went to pick up my old machine from the shop, I kind of fell in love with some other machines....... They kind of told me there, that my machine wasn't really up to the job anyway and wouldn't a new machine be just the thing! I was sold.... and I managed to persuade the other half that it would be a good joint Christmas and birthday present. Hoorah! So pleased with it but also in awe of it - it has over 500 stitches and I don't know really what I am doing with it. Here's a little sampler I did to just try out some of the stitches - it is amazing! Luckily the machine comes with free lessons, which is just as well because it's like learning to sew all over again.
My brain is whirring with lots of different ideas......

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  1. Wow. New machine sounds cool! Love the things you have made too. x