Monday, 21 May 2012

Southville Arts Trail

Had a fab time at the Southville Arts Trail here in Bristol at the weekend.  I shared a stall with Louise Horler from Sew Scrumptious and met some really lovely people.  

We didn't have as many customers as we would have liked, which I think was due to 2 reasons: 1) We were downstairs at the Southville Centre and people just missed us and 2) the weather was good.  I think when it's raining, people tend to just go to one venue which in that case would probably have been the Southville Centre. When the weather is good, people go and have a nose around everyone's houses and don't bother with bigger venues.  

Ah well, it was a good learning experience, still sold some stuff so not a disaster and thinking about setting up a Craft Co-operative / Collective with Louise and others.  If any of the girls we shared a space with from Southville Arts Trail want to get in touch, my email address is

Here are some of the things I made.....


  1. Ah shame you didn't sell more, the stall looks absolutely beautiful though, well done! x

  2. Hi Cath, thanks for finding and following my blog, think we have a friend in common actually - Dominique!? She's been telling me for ages about you and your sewing and she mentioned the gorgeous doily lampshades too. Interesting to hear about your experiences of the Arts Trail, I'm planning to sell at it next year - I'm afraid I didn't make it into the Southville Centre this year! I've been thinking for a while about a Collective of local craftspeople, have you had any interest in the idea? I'd love to get involved! Rachel x