Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Light Fantastic!

Ok, for the Pinterest challenge this month, I decided to have a go at another doily inspired make on my pinterest board. I really love how this light looked in this tutorial, so decided to have a go.

I first of all bought some punch ball balloons from ebay and some doilies. I then covered the balloon in vaseline and soaked the doilies in wallpaper paste, before putting them on. I then hung them up to dry like this:

Actually I must confess..... I got a bit impatient and ....I don't know what I was thinking of...... tried to use a hairdryer to dry the doilies. Doh. What a surprise the balloon burst. Oh well, did one again and very pleased with the result.

They are now both on my landing casting lovely patterns. Even the other half likes them, so they must be good!


  1. That looks lovely! I've seen the pin a few times but never investigated. I'm intrigued about how it is attached to the light fitting. Will have to investigate! Thanks for joining us x x

  2. I have lampshade envy!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and have been meaning to give it a try too. Looks fab. Make some for the arts trail!! Catch up soon. x

  3. I bet they leave beautiful patterns against the walls. (The hairdryer thing sound like something I would try too ;)