Thursday, 14 July 2011

Procrastinating but being creative!

Quilts are so frustrating! I really thought I had got the hang of free motion quilting and then disaster has happened - I've lost the knack! No idea what I am doing wrong, have tried tension, needle, speed etc and can't get it right. So frustrating! So I have walked away and not returned....

Anyway in between procrastinating about finishing off the quilts I decided I needed a doorstop .....

I love the front fabric especially - think it might be Joel Dewberry. The linen kind of fabric was from some old curtains somebody was selling on my street for £2.

I managed to get round to painting the church bench I bought from our local church.
The bench (see this post) I think turned out really well, was supposed to be grey but more bluey, but me likey. Sits in our kitchen now and very useful for pinning lots of children against the table.

Oh and our apricot tree in our small city garden produced this much fruit this year! Had to be turned into jam that day really before the kids ate them all. Sorry I just reread that and don't mean to sound like super mum! This is just a record of all the creative things I do in between shouting/playing with the kids etc etc.

Ok, we can't give that to anyone.....

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